Yes, books. Books are the reason why I am writing this post right now; the reason why I started studying how to be a translator. There was quite a long process in my mind when Clàudia and I were doing our final research paper in high school (we casually ended it just before having to decide which course we were going to attend at Uni), but there was one single idea which helped me made my mind. “I’ll get to read books before everyone else!”

I know this might sound ridiculous, but we were 17 and confused and everybody was pushing us to decide what we were going to do with our lives. This is kind of a big choice, and there were many options. I thought of a thousand jobs I’d like to do— I could be a journalist, an art historian, an English teacher… I really couldn’t decide.

And then, because Clàudia and I were doing a paper on the translation of Harry Potter, we got to talk to the Catalan translator for the first four books, Laura Escorihuela. And I remember sitting in her living room, listening to her talk about her daily life as a translator, and I knew that was what I wanted for myself.

It was because of this paper that Clàudia and I are studying translation, and looking back I am happy and I think we made a good choice. And -hopefully- we’ll get to read all the books before everyone else.


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