Surprise update!

After… what, half a year? of not uploading anything, we’ve decided to write again in this blog because it is such a shame that we abandoned it (mostly due to work and pure procrastination). 

I’ve decided to make this surprise update (“surprise” because Alba doesn’t know about it… yet) for two basic reasons: 

1. I deeply regret being a lazy butt and not upload a single post over the past 8 months. 

2. I’ve recently started my master degree (yes, that’s right, we graduated in June!) on Audiovisual Translation and it’s the first time in 6 years that Alba and I are not in the same class (or not even the same course). 

Therefore, I think that starting this blog again will be a nice way for Alba and I to have a… let’s call it “project” together because I’m not ready to let her go of my student life and to share with the rest of you our thoughts in translation, as we had been doing, and the new experiences in the different directions our lives are taking. 


P.S. Alba, I hope you’re proud of me.


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