Graduated translators

Hi again!

First of all, I have to say I am happy to be back. And yes, Clàudia, I am proud of you. So proud! Many things have changed since the last time I wrote a post for this blog: we are not in the same class anymore (well… we still do study at the same uni and we bump into each other all the time!) and we are graduated translators now. Which sounds important, right?

Yes, we did graduate last June, and I have to say the last four years have been amazing. I have learnt a lot, in a way that’s very different from what I expected but the result is what it is. I expected to learn a lot from the teachers, in the classrooms, and even though my English has gotten much better, I think it’s not because of my teachers (Clàudia talked about this and I did, too). However, we did learn a lot about some subjects from some specific teachers that made going to classes a pleasure. Now, in my masters degree, I have this kind of teachers as well, and it really feels great. The big difference between eighteen-year-old-Alba’s translating skills and twenty-two-year-old-Alba’s translating skills is hours spent listening or speaking to these teachers and lots of practise.

However, I did feel a bit overwhelmed last year, thinking my undergrad years would be over. I really didn’t feel prepared to start working as a translator, or at least not professionally. Don’t get me wrong – I have translated a lot these years, and I do translate/correct texts for family and friends, and I do think these texts are properly translated, and I haven’t had any complaint so far. But just thinking about translating professionally, regardless if it was as a freelance translator or in a company, made me feel dizzy.

I have thought about this a lot this summer and I think I am over it. I think the only reason why I didn’t feel ready to start translating professionally was that I was used to being a student. And now I just have to get used to being a professional. I need to make myself aware of the fact that I am not a Translation student anymore – I am a translator.



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