La Bête or how to get Impressed by a Rhyming Translation.

Having to write my first post today is quite cool, because yesterday my classmates and I had the chance to go to the theatre to watch a play called La Bête. Written by David Hirson in 1999, La Bête is a parody of Molière’s works written in rhymed couplets of iambic pentameter.

We could go to its premiere in the TNC because our Translation teacher had translated the whole play. There are many translators who translate plays and poetry, but I can tell you I couldn’t believe my ears when I was hearing the dialogue. It was almost perfect. I mean, when you need to not only pass a message but make every sentence rhyme with the last one there are always weird words or weird structures, and I think that is perfectly normal; but I was listening really carefully during the whole play and nothing sounded wrong to me. Continue reading



This is our first post!

Do you know how difficult it is to put into words what you want to say when you’re two people? We both have our own ideas on what to say but there’s only one keyboard. However, this is only an introduction post about what we want to do in this blog during our last year of university and we will start blogging very soon. Continue reading